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Dirty Bombshells

I subscribed to a new monthly subscription box. Now, if you subscribe to things like Birchbox, glossy box or myglam, you know how fun it is to receive these boxes in the mail each month. Not only do they feel like monthly presents to yourself, but you get introduced to new products. I find this important in the beauty world. There are sooo many products to try, but who wants to spend the money on them only to have them not work out? In comes the monthly beauty box. BUT... this box is different. It's not all about Beauty, it's about things for your home, office, fashion and beauty. It cost $35 a month. While that may seem a lot, the retail value of each box is over a $100, and I can attest that popsugar did NOT disappoint.

arlington darling

I freaking LOVE my Popsugar Must Have September Box. I actually squealed when I opened it. Squealed. Having read about August’s box, I was naturally excited about September’s, and I’ve been waiting anxiously for weeks for it to arrive, but having it here is another level of awesome entirely. It’s the right mix of surprises, little indulgences, and practical items. I’m so happy I ordered it.

Buried in Boxes

Most of the boxes I subscribe to are mostly if not strictly beauty. POPSUGAR Must Have is not. It’s a glorious mishmash. July was good, August was great, and September was the best so far. This subscription is rapidly becoming my favorite. At $35 per month, it’s much pricier than pretty much all of the others (Glossybox, Sample Society, Birchbox, etc.), but they pack those boxes with goodies. They initially promised a box value of over $150 each month, but then they backed down to $100, but even that’s a good deal, and the $100 is a baseline. The actual value can be even higher than their initial promise, as this month’s box demonstrated. If you’re not already subscribed, I highly recommend giving them at least a try. And after this month, I think they will be signing up many new subscribers. Pictures now, and contents after the cut!

Fabulously Frugal

I have nothing bad to say about PopSugar Must Have, mainly because I enjoy the products so much and it is easy to see that I’m getting a great value for the money I’m paying. At this point, if I could choose just one subscription box to receive it would be this one. It’s not particularly frugal, but I budget for the box by cutting out unnecessary purchases as much as possible. I’m fairly certain I can spend $35 just by looking at Target, so staying out of that store has helped immensely.

Beauty Flawed

POPSUGAR Must Have is a bit different from some of the other subscription services we all know and love this one isn't solely about beauty products and it's definitely not about samples, but full sized products instead.

Beauty Info Zone

I really like this subscription box. So much that I’ve ordered the September one at full price. At first I was disappointed because I like beauty and the July box pictures show some gorgeous polish and lipstick but once I analyzed it I realized that this is just fun. I can gift items from it or keep them myself. I more than got my money’s worth considering that the Alora Diffuser is worth $90 alone; my estimate is that PopSugar Must Have box contained $150 worth of product. This box really is a Must Have after all. — Marcia

Running To Stand Still

Of all the subscription boxes…this one has topped them ALL. POPSUGAR’s Must Have box is really…a MUST HAVE. I LOVED everything in the box. I would say that of all of the subscription boxes I’ve tried out so far, POPSUGAR was the best and definitely worth the $35.

I Have a Degree in this

This month's POPSUGAR Must Have Box was all about getting ready for fall. With POPSUGAR Must Have, you'll get a monthly box, full of hand-selected items from their editors. Each box will include a variety of full-size products worth over $100. You can pay monthly at $35 per box or save some money with a longer subscription. I'm not a fan of the box coming the month AFTER but this box was pretty amazing.

Super Duper Fantastic

At $35/month [cheaper for longer commitments, obvs], I think this box has been well worth it. PopSugar is an online lifestyle brand targeting women between the ages of 18 and 39. I fit right in there, so of course the Must Have box curated by its editors really struck a chord with me.


It has arrived. My favorite of all the subscription boxes. It is my September Popsugar Must Have Bag. I am just overwhelmed. This is such a fantastic box that I can hardly put it into words. I am once again amazed at all the goodies I have received.

Everyone Loves a Treasure

The PopSugar Must Have Box was probably one of the most anticipated new subscription services this summer. I know there were quite a few people who were disappointed in the first box and canceled their subscription. While I wasn't super impressed with the first box, mostly because of the duplicates the sent I decided to stay and see what the next box brought. I figured the company would listen to their customers and step it up for the next box and they did. Last month's box was fantastic! Verdict: PopSugar is a definite must have! The last 2 boxes have been great, I sure hope they keep that up!

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Okay, this is the PopSugar Must Have box I have been waiting for! If you’ll recall, I was SO excited about this box and tried to talk everyone I knew into signing up. I just felt like it was going to be amazing. And then the first month (July) came and I was underwhelmed. But I stuck with it, hoping for more. Last month was great. And this month? AMAZING!



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Dirty Bombshells